Field equipment for integrated automation system of hydropower station


Water level device

●Pressure sensor, multi-point, wired, wireless water level device optional

●Complete range of parameters, including water level, height, rate of change and a series of water level index。

●Intelligent monitoring of water level changes, with multi-channel water level warning, such as flood peak, collapse alarm, etc.。

●Field or remote monitoring and setting parameters

Speed regulating device

●Applicable to butterfly valve and guide vanes and other hand wheel operating mechanism

●With small hydropower automation screen in conjunction with the use of。

Brake device

●Mechanical lever type, hydraulic brake optional。

●With small hydropower automation screen in conjunction with the use of。

Excitation control device

●With electrical frequency measurement and mechanical frequency measurement function。

●With the voltage limit, current limiting, constant excitation current function。

●A variety of actuators optional。

●Provides RS485 remote external communication interface。

●The utility model can be used in conjunction with an automatic screen of a small hydropower station or can be used alone。

●Other manufacturers are allowed to access automatic equipment for excitation regulation

Field network device

●According to the requirements of network selection, there are RJ45, WiFi, 3G and other signal interface optional。

●Manage the communication between the station equipment and the monitoring platform。

U S P device

●It provides uninterrupted DC power supply for station automation equipment and actuator。

●Intelligent power supply protection, multi stage stationary charging, battery protection, fault performance monitoring。

●Strong lightning protection ability。

●Field or remote monitoring and setting parameters。

Small hydropower automation device

●Applicable to 1600KW and below units。

●Selecting and executing each actuator can realize the functions of one button shutdown, water level shutdown and so on。

●Up to tens of analog, digital, parameter sampling。

●With multi-channel protection function, automatic identification of various faults, setting value can be set。

●Overtemperature shutdown。

●The exterior interfaces are isolated designed to cope with lightning and other disturbances。

●Field or remote monitoring and setting parameters。