Remote monitoring of integrated automation system in Hydropower Station

Functional characteristics

●No one on duty, fewer people on duty, LAN, Internet monitoring options, multi power station at the same time supervisionBBIC

●Simple interaction, can be a key to open, stop, remote preset or adjust the active power, power factor。

●Monitor the parameters of each device and set some parameter values. The background automatically analyzes and stores the collected parameters。

●t can monitor and analyze the status of the equipment, diagnose the faults, and monitor the scene by video surveillance

●After the customer authorization, the data may access the company data center, the company internal technical personnel tracks the data, immediately discovered the abnormality, and carries on the appraisal to the equipment condition and the equipment restoration instruction。

monitor model

monitor model


Configuration description

Basic type Site control only, without networking. Unattended, but easy to watch According to the equipment chosen by users, it is possible to realize the functions of one button shutdown on the spot, automatic opening and stopping of the water level, intelligent operation and multiple protection functions
Local duty room mode Local area network, support a single station or multi station, set up duty room, centralized duty monitoring Basic configuration, LAN networking, monitoring platform, LAN client
Remote monitoring mode The data is connected to the company data center via the Internet, and the monitor uses the client to connect the data center for monitoring (or applicant company escrow) Basic configuration, Internet networking, remote client
Remote duty center mode The company can provide software and hardware technical services to help users set up remote duty center, all data directly access remote duty Center Basic configuration, Internet networking, remote data center, remote client