Integrated automation system of small hydropower station

system function

1、One button on and off

Opening and stopping on the spot, the function of water level opening and stopping (optional)

2、Intelligent operation

After the power on, according to the set power, power factor automatic operation, (optional) according to the water level automatically adjust load operation, make the unit safe and efficient operation

3、Master control protection

With low voltage, over voltage, quick break, time limit, quick break, over current, over load, over temperature, low water level shutdown and other protection

4、Backup protection

The utility model has the advantages of over flow and voltage protection and effective lightning protection, and ensures the safety of the units reliably when the main protection fails

5、Automatic hand switching

The automatic system still retains the original manual function and can be switched to manual function when needed

6、UPS power supply

The independent R & D DC system can provide large capacity DC power supply for all automation equipment, and ensure the smooth operation and reliable shutdown of the equipment when the external network suddenly loses power or the load is dropped by the unit

7、Equipment self inspection

The equipments in the field monitor their running status in real time and alarm in case of trouble

8、Remote monitoring and scheduling

Remote monitoring of all field device parameters, setting parameters; remote control, a key to open and stop, adjust the power parameters; remote video surveillance; remote fault diagnosis and many other functions。


1、Safe, reliable, practical and cost-effective

2、Strong technical strength, a number of national patents

3、The utility model has the advantages of wide application range and low cost reconstruction for various power generating units

4、Simple operation, no professional requirements

5、Powerful remote management concept to maximize personnel utilization

6、Powerful remote management concept to maximize personnel utilization