company culture

Company Culture

1. integrity, professionalism, innovation
2. the management of the first homework is to manage yourself
3. small business, big business man
4. always cautious, always very careful
5. how big is the heart, but how big is the stage?
6. resources will be exhausted, culture is endless
7. professional progress, respect for love, sincerity, perseverance
8. adhere to good faith, pay attention to performance, eager for change
9. communication starts from the heart
10. those who do not learn actually lag behind in the first place
11. big things talk about principles, small things about style
12. people first, heart first
13. all rivers run into sea, accumulate steadily
14. nothing is best, only better
15. good irrigation is needed to produce good results
16. and the traditional farewell yesterday, to the normative future forward
17. develop a good habit for yourself and leave a good impression on others
18. science and technology is the primary productive force, and talent is the first resource
19. shaping the quality of people, the establishment of management foundation
20. as long as there is a single crop, there is a harvest
21. your conscious contribution to the company's brilliant
22. unity of one mind, a stone into gold
23. more communication, less complaints, more understanding, less disputes
24. do not belittle yourself, people have unlimited possibilities
25. because of me, so back better
26. attitude decides everything, detail decides success or failure
27. only if we have the courage to shoulder the responsibility can we shoulder the greater responsibility
28. self promotion, healthy competition, mutual appreciation and mutual support
29. strengthen the sense of competition and build a team spirit
30. the pursuit of customer satisfaction, it is your responsibility
31. only imperfect products, no picky customers
32. cultivate etiquette employees and create team spirit
33. every day further, on the road to success
34. prefer neck to neck because of high goal, but no hump for low target
35. change ideas, change style, let enterprise culture endless
36. without perseverance, there is no competition
37. put an end to bad ideas, and carry forward the spirit of high quality
38. don't debate indecisive and must not do such a meeting is the most wasteful action
39. to find a way to success, excuses only failure
40. action is the beginning of success, and waiting is the source of failure
41. stop and rest. Don't forget that others are still on the move.
42. there is only one failure, that is to give up halfway.
43. No one will refuse your smile.
44. If the mind changes, the attitude changes; the attitude changes; the habit changes; the habit changes, the life changes.
45. meetings and meetings, meetings and decisions, decisions and actions.
46. action is not always successful, but sitting and not, no success at all.
47. clear accounts, be as clear as noonday.
48. with minimal expenditure to obtain maximum revenue, is our relentless pursuit.
49. Bo: work hard, accept: eight party resources, special: to become a unique IC agents
50. self promotion, healthy competition, mutual appreciation and mutual support.