Lingtan cascade station automation transformation case

        Shangyou County Ziyang mountain Ling Tan power station, located in remote, three cascade stations, the cascade station between the straight-line distance of more than one kilometer, total installed capacity of 1600KW (a station: two 200KW units; two stations: two 400KW units; three stations: two 200KW units). In 1975, the station was put into operation and operated for about 100 people. After the reform, the operation staff was reduced from 15 to 20 people. The workload was heavy and the risk was high.

        Power plant equipment obsolete, very low degree of automation, basically manual operation, the current level is not easy to unified management. In addition, recruitment difficulties, power generation staff are older local farmers, if not automated transformation, the management of Ling Tan power station will face a major test.

        In December 2010, our company of Ling Tan Station Cascade station automation reform step by step, after the completion of the transformation, Ling Tan Station 6 units all access level third station duty room for remote monitoring of power generation, the staff was reduced to 5, but the workload is greatly reduced. A power generation mode with unattended on-site and few people on duty has been realized.

        According to the average wage per person 15 thousand yuan / year, the price of 0.28 yuan calculation. Transformation of the previous year generating capacity of up to about 4 million degrees, the operating personnel according to at least 15 people, the removal of artificial revenue of about 895 thousand yuan; after the transformation of generator operation efficiency, reduce the fault, the first annual generating capacity reached 5 million degrees, the operation staff of 5 people, the removal of artificial Yiyue received 1 million 325 thousand yuan.

        In the spirit of Tan third stations set up a duty room, three cascade station six machine data access all three station duty room, station staff on duty batch in the duty room on duty, regularly patrol station equipment in the station, no duty. The power station owner lives near the first level station and knows the power station and the duty situation through the LAN client. Another data access through the Internet Tianmu company data center, technical personnel to help analyze data, the power station owner can also be at any time through the remote client to view their own power plants.

Network configuration diagram