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CCS research and development

        In June 2015, the team became the Beijing R & D base Blom temmoku. Through the unremitting efforts of R & D team, the new concept of improving power consumption efficiency of grinding surface system is put forward. Then, the pure DC small solar mill system was successfully born.
        Its core control system--CCS equipment, through continuous improvement, won praise highly praised for its entry into Zambia has laid a technical foundation and good reputation.
        By September 2017, the CCS equipment to Zambia had been manufactured in 1000 units.

Sprinkler dolly

        At the beginning of 2016, in order to make full use of CCS solar energy surplus grinding station, Zambia ZCF is put forward according to technology, Tianmu team invented a multifunctional intelligent sprinkler car, and the construction of demonstration in Shandong in mid March.

Flue cured tobacco drying room

        In June 2017, in order to follow the flue cured tobacco project of Yitong company in Zimbabwe, the Tianmu team built solar energy automatic drying room and hired tobacco experts to study the automatic flue-cured tobacco technology.

Village water supply

        In July 2017, in order to solve the power supply and medical problems of Zambia in remote rural areas, the village of photovoltaic intelligent power supply system scheme of our billion company to develop, and develop corresponding system equipment, to solve the local village power supply and safe drinking water problem.
        In succession, there will be 1000 sites will use this set of power supply water system.